Each year, SEO goes through some changes, and so it pays to keep up to speed with the changes. This is why the consultants at HQ SEO strive to keep with new changes whenever they arise. What might have worked last year may not work this year or the next!

Don’t forget the mobile crowd

So many people now have smartphones. This means that most are looking to their gadgets for information off the internet as opposed to using a desktop computer. In case you are yet to adapt your website to become mobile-friendly then you are in big trouble! You could be losing out on a world of potential converts to your business! You could also be negatively affecting your ranking potential on search engines.

In order to solve this problem you can either adopt a responsive Web design or build a separate mobile webpage.

Keywords are still important

Keyword stuffing may result in penalties, however keywords remain important in SEO. Much as there may be specific keywords you can successfully use on your site, it is a good idea to broaden your keyword search. Don’t forget to add certain keywords to your URL as well and generally optimize your site with set keywords. In addition, sprinkle in long-tailed keywords here and there.

Don’t think social media is just for fun

Many businesses have come to realize that there are plenty of business opportunities on social media. After all, it is where many people spend most of their time on any given day! You need to find the most appropriate social media platform to conduct your business successfully and go for it.

While on the social media platform, don’t forget to add links back you your website for added traffic.

Create useful and relevant content

Content is now king which means that you have to come up with valuable content that will keep your visitors interested. In fact, the shareable the content is the better. The more it is being shared, the higher the possibility of gaining more traffic to your site. This is turn can help with improving your rankings on the search engine.

Don’t be afraid to do some PR

Granted you might be having a great website and great products or services but if not many people are aware then it doesn’t really benefit you, does it? Don’t be afraid to work in some PR with your SEO strategies.

Get on those forums, pitch to have your guest blog posted on another site or request to have your products or services written about by a reputed site. In short, go out there and further make your brand, business or website known! You will soon be repaid back with increased SEO, inbound links back to your site and referral traffic which are all great to help boost your business.

With that being said however, since SEO keeps changing, don’t expect to master everything at a go. Instead, you can come up with goals and strive to find the best possible tactics and tools to help realize those goals then move on to the next.


A recent study revealed that Google is still charging advertisers for YouTube views even if a robot did the viewing. This is something that advertisers, who allot huge sums of money on advertising, should not neglect. It raises questions on whether or not Google as a widely used search engine is protecting its advertisers from fraud and deception.

The study and its findings

A group of European researchers conducted an experiment to determine whether or not Google is charging advertisers for views made by robots. The paper entitled “Understanding the detection of fake view fraud in video content portals” details the experiment and their findings. In general, the result of the experiment showed that even the fake visits made by robots are still charged through Google’s service for advertisers.

The simple experiment

To carry out the experiment, the researchers seek the expertise of computer network experts from four well-known research institutions. These are the Imdea, NEC Labs Europe, Polito and UC3M. The researchers uploaded some videos on YouTube. Then, they purchased several ads that target the uploaded videos. To complete the process, they created robots that were directed to view the videos 150 times. YouTube identified 91 of the views as fake, while only 25 were real. Surprisingly, Google, through AdWords, still charged the fake visits.

The experiment is very simple and can be done by anyone who has basic knowledge about codes. UC3M assistant professor Ruben Cuevas said that they did not use sophisticated robots in carrying out the experiment.

Response of Google

The number one search engine said that they take invalid or fake traffic very seriously. That is why they also said that they would contact the researchers to have a comprehensive discussion of the findings. However, they made it clear that they employ staff and advanced technologies that will keep their system free from fraud. They added that the system filters invalid traffic before they charge advertisers.

Implications of charged fake views

Obviously, advertisers would be wasting billions of money in totality if Google continues to charge invalid traffic. This might also result to a conclusion that YouTube advertisements are not effective in promoting products or services even if seen by millions of target customers. The advertisers are pushed on the losing end while Google keeps on earning billions of dollars yearly.

Huge loss for advertisers

According to the Association of National Advertisers or ANA, its member advertisers are spending more than $250 billion yearly on marketing alone. On the other hand, results from the fraud detection company White Ops revealed, that last year, robots viewed 25% of online video advertisements. This year, the ANA have estimated that advertisers would lose at least $6 billion to fake views.

Though invalid traffic has cost advertisers so much, Magna Global have estimated that there will be 40% increase in digital video advertising this year. This is equivalent to around $15 billion. With this, Google has to be quick in addressing the issue if it wants to keep earning from advertising fees.


Oliver is one of the marketing specialists with the online clothing store, My Personalized Clothing. He’s has a wealth of experience when it comes to digital marketing on YouTube and Facebook. To learn more about Oliver and T-Shirt Printing online from MPC, check out their website.


IMG_0330Knowledge of the different photo booth features should help you find the right photo booth for your wedding or special event. These features should help steer you in the right direction the next time you wish to rent a photo booth. There is the option of building your own photo booth but unless you are 100% sure of your building skills it is best to steer clear of this option. You don’t want to end up with a booth that is not sturdy enough to accommodate your guests!

Photo Booth Construction

The general quality of the photo booth should be given maximum attention. Different materials go into making different kinds of photo booths. There are those that are made from metal, those that are made from furniture and those that are made from cloth. As such you need to find the most appropriate to go with your special occasion. Next to quality is the size of the photo booth. The size should translate to the amount of people you wish to have in the booth at any given time. Smaller booths tend to take a maximum of two people while bigger ones can carry up to 16 people if not more. As you select the size and material used in the photo booth construction, bear in mind the location of your event. You don’t want a heavy booth if the location is not very conducive for its carrying and setting up.

Photo Prints

Different types of printers do produce different qualities of photos. As such you need to find the most appropriate. As you look at the printer, bear in mind its printing speed and the quality of photos it produces.

Type of Camera to be used

There are so many cameras out there each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right one for the photo booth you have in mind may not be so easy. You need to put in some research work in finding the right one. With the different cameras come different qualities of photo shots. Pay close attention to the camera lens in terms of the lighting in the photo booth. Do you need to have a digital camera or a more traditional point and shoot camera? For a DIY photo booth, a basic digital camera should work just fine. The most ideal camera should come with a remote shutter release in the event that you wish guests to be able to take their own photos.

Props and backdrop

In order to take more interesting and creative photos, props and the photo booth’s backdrop does play an important role. The back drop can be anything from a printed fabric to a colored cardboard or canvas. You can have one custom-made for you or you can buy a ready-made one from the store. Props can be anything from wigs to picture frames and musical instruments. The whole point of having props present is to add an interesting and creative aspect for the people going to have their photos taken.

With all the right props, lighting and camera on the ready, using the photo booth is bound to be an interesting event.


It’s quite likely that you probably haven’t heard much about the information age. However, this is the era that we’re currently in and it has changed a lot. Ever since the internet was brought into existence in 1969, it revolutionized the way we did everything.  Below are a list of the changes the information age has brought to society.

Pace of Society

Technology without a doubt has made many tasks from the past much easier today. With the power of technology, we can get things done much faster and efficiently. As a result, the overall bar in society has increased. Everyone is expected to do more in a short period of time. Computers are much faster than humans and it’s almost a game where humans are struggling to play catch up. As a result, everyone is in a hurry and has tight deadlines to make.

Social Interactions

With the power of technology, it is so much easier to connect with people online. Why would you even bother to meet up with them in person anymore? I mean, you have to spend time and money to travel and them in person. Because technology has made this easier, no one even bothers meeting people in person as much anymore simply due to the fact that it’s so much easier to send a text message.


Robots are being developed to do the tasks that humans would’ve done traditionally. As a result, many people, especially on production lines, are losing their jobs and ended up unemployed. And because many of the lower end jobs are being replaced by robots, there is much more higher competition for higher end jobs because many more people are pursuing post-graduate education.

Educational System

Gone are the days where you’d have to write an essay by hand. Today, we use keywords. The average writing speed for a human is 31 words per minute and 20 words if they’re copying. However, the average typing speed is 40 words per minute and many young people who’ve grown up on technology can achieve speeds as high as 60 words per minute. This means that teachers and professors can give you tighter deadlines for those long essays.

Human Intelligence

Today, information can be easily accessed within a matter of seconds by doing a simple Google search. There are so many things you’d need to be trained on in the past (cooking, changing your car oil) that you can easily learn within only a matter of minutes using the power of the internet. This means that the overall standards for human intelligence has also risen. We find today that humans are much more knowledgeable about many more topics than they were in the past simply because of the increase in technology.

Corporate & Shopping Behavior

Today, many businesses have to protect their reputation. The internet is a medium where just about anyone can voice their opinion and have it heard by millions within a matter of days or even hours. This means many businesses offer better quality service to their customers to protect their reputation. In addition to corporate behavior, many businesses also understand that their company may be thoroughly researched before a customer makes a buying decision. Therefore, if you have a complaint, there is a higher chance that you’ll get your concern heard by the company.

As you can see, technology has changed the way we do everything and in this fast paced society, it’s very easy to not realize the changes that are occurring around us. However, each and everyday, you can see the effects of the information age and see how our society has changed so much within the past decade alone.


This is a guest post by Jared Lee, who runs Vibranium SEO. He is a Springfield, Missouri SEO expert and is always in the know about all things involving Google. You can find out more information about Jared and what he does by visiting

When you are so successful that your company becomes a verb (as in, “just Google it”), you know that you dominate whatever industry you’re in. For Google, they have dominated the search engine realm for the better part of a decade now, but you don’t become the top dog without making a few enemies along the way. The main enemy that Google has created, among the many others out there, is Apple Computers (more specifically, Steve Jobs, who brought Apple back to prominence before his death). Jobs was said to have hated Google because of a broken handshake agreement between the two companies that neither would enter the other’s industry – Google would stay out of the cellular phone industry and Apple wouldn’t enter the search engine realm. Apparently, Google broke this agreement.

apple-vs-googleAll was well for awhile, as Google’s CEO at the time, Eric Schmidt, was on Apple’s board and Steve Jobs was on Google’s board. Then, Google came out with the Android operating system and entered into the smartphone game to compete with Apple. That’s the point in time where Steve Jobs declared that he would destroy Google (he actually said that) and even went as far to say Apple would enter into “thermonuclear war” (actual words again) with them.

It seemed as though after Steve Jobs death in 2011 that Apple would back off of those statements that Jobs had made before. Most believed that the new CEO, Tim Cook, was leading the company in a different direction and focusing on making Apple even better, which meant not fussing with Google. That was true, until rumors persisted early this year that Apple has been developing a search engine to compete with Google.

When you look closer at what Apple is doing, though, it’s not launching a search engine like what most people are used to using. They actually launched it a few years – it’s Siri. What do you think Siri is? It’s a search engine that is built into your iPhone. From everything we know, this is how Apple plans to go after Google, by utilizing the users that are already using their phones. Instead of users of iPhones going to Google to search for things, they will just ask siri or use the newly introduced “Spotlight,” which can search things that are on your phone or on the internet.

This goes to show just exactly where Apple is looking to encroach on Google, with local searches. Local based searches have been skyrocketing for years now, so Apple can get people to use their service out of convenience and take away market share of the search engine world by doing this alone. This is the smartest way for Apple to enter the search engine world because taking Google head on would not be a wise move by them. By chipping away market share from Google, they can help increase the value of Apple, make their users happier, and also hurt Google in the process.


Solar pool heaters are one of those “green energy” products that are coming up and being used more widely. These solar pool heating systems are great because they remove the need for a gas or electric heating system for your pool.

So if you’re looking for a greener solution to heat your pool this summer, a system like this is definitely one in which you should check out.

How do they work?

A solar pool heating system consists of four components which enable it to work properly and efficiently. These components are the:

  • Pump: The pump is used to control the flow of water in and out of the system. The pump pumps the water through the solar collector and the filter.
  • Filter: The filter is used to filter out any filthy contaminants which might be present in the water.
  • Solar Collector: This is the primary component of the system. This solar collector is used to collect the suns rays and convert the sun’s energy into heat for the water.

How to Choose One?

solar-pool-heaterIf you check out, they have the best pool heater reviews as well as a guide to help you find the best solar pool heating system for your property. However, the main point to consider when looking for a system is how big of a system you need.

To determine the size of the required system you’ll want to know:

  1. If you have space on your property to fit a solar collector? Generally, a solar collector will be about 70% of the size of your pool’s surface area.
  2. The average temperatures in the region: This also has an effect of the required size for a solar pool collector. If you live in a much warmer climate, you will be able to get away with a smaller pool heating system.
  3. The desired pool temperature: The warmer you want the pool to be, the larger the solar collection system will have to be also.

Efficiency Ratings

According to, the efficiency of the solar pool heating system can be found based on the thermal performance rating. This rating will generally be measured in megajoules per square meter per day.

If you’re looking to compare the savings you’ll get between two solar pool heating systems, use the following calculations.

(Btu/day X # of collector panels/piping modules) ÷ total installed cost of system = Btu/$ per dollar spent


(27,900 X 4) Btu ÷ $3,000 = 37.20 Btu/day per dollar spent

If you only know the prices and thermal performance ratings (Btu/day) of collectors, you can use the following formula to calculate the energy output for each dollar spent or invested for different collectors:

Btu/day ÷ collector price = Btu/day per dollar spent


21,000 Btu ÷ $387 = 54.26 Btu/day per dollar spent

However, when you’re buying a solar pool heating system, don’t only buy it based on the formula above. It’s a good idea to do thorough research and take many other factors into consideration. More details can be found at


The entrance of the ‘robotic vacuum’ into some households has brought with it a number of changes in how vacuuming is done. When compared to the more traditional vacuums, robot vacuums are an entire world apart. In addition to their lustrous look, the ‘robot’ vacuum with its advancement in technology is a lot smarter than the traditional vacuum. It is capable of adapting to its surroundings and does its job with little or no input from humans.

Whether it is meant to clean carpets or hard floors, a ‘robot’ vacuum does its job with a level of intelligence that leaves many in awe. Aside from being able to keep any dirt it collects while cleaning in a bin, this vacuum is also capable of lettings its owner know when it is done with work, through ‘speech’

How does it look?

In terms of looks, the robot vacuum takes on a more circular shape in most cases. A number of them have their controls panels at the top, with some coming with an LCD monitor to help with visual feedback during the cleaning process as well as providing ease when it comes to feeding the ‘robot’ with instructions. Ultimately, different models and brands come with different looks.

How does the Robot Vacuum work?

A large number of ‘Robot’ vacuums come with one or more canisters and utilize two drive wheels to aid their movement. The bottoms of most ‘robot’ vacuums do come with sensors to help the vacuum understand its environment better. With the sensors at hand, the vacuum is able to differentiate between a stair and a cliff and a hard floor from a carpeted one.

The ‘robot’ is ‘intelligent’ enough to make its way back to its docking station (which most vacuums come with) when it’s done with the vacuuming. As such, care must be taken to ensure that the docking station is left in an accessible area, preferably one with no obstacles along the way. In addition to providing the vacuum with a place to ‘rest’ after vacuuming, the docking station is also the place where the vacuum’s batteries will be recharged in-between cleaning.

In a sense, the vacuum has no ‘eyes’ to see where it is going, but rather, it makes use of a light beam that it casts to a distance of approximately 6 feet to guide it to and from the docking station. In case the vacuum comes with no docking station, manual connection to an outlet is necessary in between cleaning cycles to ensure that the robot remains powered.

Using the control panel, instructions can be fed into the robot as to when to clean and when not to. This makes it possible to schedule cleaning days and times with the robot.

How does the Robot Navigate?

With the control panel at hand and instructions fed into the robot, there becomes no need to wait around while the robot does its cleaning. Depending on the instructions fed into the machine, the robot will either clean in a circular pattern, zigzag pattern, criss-cross in diagonals or wall-to-center of the room.

Limitations of Robot vacuum cleaners

With all the advancement in technology and their ability to get the job done with no physical help from humans, robot vacuums do have their limitations as well.

  • In case you have no level floors, then the robot may not be of much use to you. This is because they generally operate up to a 30-35 degree slope.
  • In case there are stairs around, don’t expect the robot to climb up or down the stairs. You will only get cleaning done on floor and carpets as the robot is not equipped to wash floors. Another robot is being designed for the specific purpose of washing floors.
  • Don’t expect a perfect clean-up since the robot doesn’t have peripheral vision.
  • Last but not least, dark black surfaces make it hard for the robot’s light sensors to function.

Advantages of Robot Vacuums

Perhaps top most in the advantages of robot vacuums is its ability to get the job done on its own. There are however other advantages to this type of vacuum cleaner, some of which include:

  • The robot vacuum is efficient in the cleaning process with dirty floors taking on a sparkly new look in no time. To help with its efficiency, the robot vacuum does come with a number of accessories such as filters and brushes.
  • As compared to traditional vacuums, robot vacuums are relatively easy to use. It is as simple as inserting your instructions as to when the robot should clean and watch the machine do the job on its own. In case it does come with a docking station, then the robot is also capable of retiring to the station when the job is done.
  • Size does matter, especially when you don’t really have the storage space to keep bulky appliances. The robot is generally compact in nature making it relatively easy to store.
  • Robot vacuums are ‘intelligent’ thanks to advanced technology used in their making. There are a number of sensors within the robot that can be used for a number of things; from detecting where the dirt is to knowing where it has already cleaned.
  • They are not as expensive as most assume. There are quite a number of robots that cost less than $500 making them relatively inexpensive to own.
  • They can be repaired and are upgradable. New software can be added to the robot with relative ease. In additions, brushes and some parts of the robot can be easily replaced when the need arises.

Microfiber-Couch-upholstery-cleaning1Are you looking for a more eco-friendly and “non-techie” way of cleaning your furniture? Well, if that’s the case, I’m going to share with you how I clean my office desk without using any manufactured, store bought cleaning agents. This type of cleaner is easily made from ingredients which are easily found in your kitchen or a grocery store and it works quite effectively on most types of furniture.

What you’ll need to make this furniture cleaning agent is 4-5 drops of Vegetable Cooking Oil and about 250 mL of Distilled Vinegar. However, you want to make sure that you stick with vegetable cooking oil as opposed to meat based oil. This is because meat based oils have a stronger odor than vegetable cooking oil, and you might end up with furniture smelling like meat in the long run. However, vegetable oil is less aggressive on the wood.

The oil in this solution is responsible for moisturizing the wood to ensure it doesn’t dry out and the vinegar, which is known to be a pretty effective cleaning agent, will be used to clean the wood on the furniture.

Anyways, what you want to do is mix the 250mL of vinegar to the 4-5 drops of oil in a bottle. Shake the bottle a few times to ensure that it is well mixed. Another recipe that can be used is lemon juice and oil. Lemon juice, just like vinegar, is known to quite an effective cleaner also. However, lemon juice smells a lot better than vinegar does so this might be the preference if you really want to add a nice aroma to the room. Lemon juice might be a preference if you’re dealing with darker color furniture because it tends to stain wooden furniture which has a much lighter color.

Now when you have your homemade cleaning agent mixed, take a little bit of the solution on a cloth, then wipe the area which you’d like to clean. For smaller areas and crevices, you might want use something like a toothbrush but be cautious so that you don’t end up scratching the furniture.

Also, before you clean make sure you try a small spot which is not very visible first. This lets you know how the furniture will react to the cleaner before you use it all over. The worst thing you’d want is your entire couch ruined from a homemade cleaner. So ensure that you test it on one tiny spot initially.

One other thing is to be cautious of soaking the furniture. Do not douse the furniture, or leave an area moist and wet for too long. As you clean the area, make sure that you dry it up right away to prevent the cleaning agent from seeping in.

Now you got how to go about cleaning your furniture without even using any high-tech, manufactured cleaning agent. This is how I clean my office all the time, and it saves me time on trying to shop for the best couch cleaner. And if you want more info on furniture cleaning, check out this guys who give you a lot more information on how to clean upholstery.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Concept

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique or set of rules that can be utilized by a website in a bid to increase its visibility in search engine rankings or increase traffic to the site. SEO, in today’s competitive market is very important and could mean the difference in having your website lagging behind in the search engine results or conveniently present in the first pages of the search engine results. However, when in doubt, this Mississauga SEO Expert will be able to point you in the right direction.

A look at some of the reasons as to why SEO is important and should be taken seriously:

  • SEO when used right is able to put your company or business at the forefront of search engine results. This way, whenever prospective customers or targeted market does search through the first few pages of search engine results as they are bond to do, yours can be easily found. In essence, the higher you rank in search engine results, the better it is for you and your business.
  • Much as there are underhand practices to get you to the top, also known as black hat SEO techniques, good SEO practices are recommended every time because they not only ensure you reach and stay at the top but also provide your users with a better experience and limit your chances of being banned from search results.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization - ConceptIn today’s social media frenzy, chances of having your website promoted for you on the social media by people who find it on search engines is that much higher.
  • A huge number of users do trust search engines and so when websites are listed on the first pages, users tend to trust such websites. In essence, your business tends to become more credible when it can be found on the first pages in search engine results.
  • When you have properly optimized your website, you will be able to get back your ROI since the site does have a tendency of working for you all year round, every time. Big websites soon realize exactly how important SEO is when it comes down to their smooth running. When such sites incorporate more than one author, the benefits are high both directly and indirectly. Directly speaking, there will be an increase in search engine traffic while indirectly speaking, a common framework can be utilized before any content can be published on the site.
  • Regardless of the website or business you run on the internet, there is always competition waiting for you round the corner and a number of your competitors are not just sitting around! As such, when yours is a search engine optimized web site and your competition’s is not, chances are that much higher that your site will be doing a whole lot better than your competitors even though you are selling or showcasing similar things.
  • When compared to sponsored ads such as Pay Per Click, organic search engine results take the lead in terms of providing the much needed traffic to a given site.
  • Last but not least, with SEO, you are able to gain an insight into your customers. This can be achieved by making use of tools such as Google Analytics. With this, you will be able to gain an insight on how your customers search, the language they use, how they browse, the region they live in, days in which they are most active, the technology being used and the times of the day when they are most active. Such data can then be utilized by your business to make more informed decisions and change strategies where applicable.

When all is said and done however, the top most success factor for a given site with or without the presence of SEO is having great content. When a given site incorporates good content, then there will be no major need for SEO rather it will only utilize SEO when it is in need of an extra boost.